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Music Foundations Course

Age Group : 3-4 years old

About our program

In this music program, children will engage their entire body to grasp musical concepts. Their eyes will be employed for sight reading, ears for recognizing melody, rhythm, form, and timbre, mouths for speaking and singing, hands for dancing to sound pitches and melodies, and feet for stepping out the pulse of the music.

Conducted exclusively in Mandarin by native speakers, the course creates an immersive environment for Mandarin language exposure. Guided by patient and confident instructors, children will express their emotions by singing heartfelt songs, dancing with joy, and boosting their self-confidence to compose music in Mandarin that reflects their childhood experiences.

In this program, your children will gain proficiency in the following areas:

  • Understanding music notes and their placements on the staff

  • Grasping rhythms and tempos

  • Acquiring knowledge of music theory and its terminology

  • Exploring the art of improvisation

  • Engaging in ensemble playing with various instruments

  • The objective is to enable children to enhance their proficiency in playing Orff instruments and to immerse themselves in the enjoyment of ensemble playing

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