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Joy Connections Language Track

At Joy Connections, our language track is adapted and specially designed to prepare our children for the demands of the MOE Mandarin syllabus . We have N2, K1, K2 classes for preschoolers (4-6 year olds)

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Learn Mandarin in a fun way

Your children will develop speaking and listening skills through our Joy Connections curriculum. We aim to remove the stigma that learning Mandarin is difficult.

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Interactive and enriching activities

Your children will be immersed with the Mandarin language through fun-filled language activities, storytelling, drama, songs, games and art & craft. 

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Word recognition & sentence structures

With language exercises, your children will learn to understand and use formal language terms which are important in building their Mandarin literacy, gearing them to excel in Mandarin not just as a spoken language but as a written one too.

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Hanyu Pinyin

Hanyu Pinyin exercises are included in our curriculum to prepare our children for primary school.

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