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Age Group : 3-4 years old

About our program

Our children will learn the Mandarin language through our fun stories, songs, games and activities! They will sing, speak, write and dance! All of these actvities are done in MANDARIN! It is a parent accompanied program

At the cornerstone of our Nursery course, and in preparation for your child to attend our language track classes when they turn 3, he/she will be doing specially designed Mandarin language exercises which are engaging, spark interest and help reinforce a better understanding of what is learnt in the classes.

Program highlights


  • Thematic songs and stories which makes learning Mandarin fun and cool.​

  • Learn high frequency Chinese words through games in class which encourage participation.​

  • Learn basic strokes of Chinese words through fun worksheets and activities, which improve writing skills.​

  • Conversational practice of the use of the Mandarin language with accompanying parent helps to develop confidence in speaking.

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