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Why choose our Meiyu program?

High-energy music and movement classes where your child learns Mandarin and loves music. Our classes build baby's mandarin language ability, body development, increase self-confidence, enhance creativity and peer cooperation.


Multi sensory fun

Your child will experience music in different forms, through songs, nursery rhymes, stories, dances, games and performances all in Mandarin!

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Auditory Development

Our classes are based on our very own 美育 storybooks. Storytelling boosts your child's listening skills which makes learning easier in future.


Cognitive and Social-emotional


Our themes cover many aspects of life, such as seasons, festivals, shapes and colors through music and rhythms, babies will develop a keen sense of sound, understanding and listening. The small group classes will help the babies learn social-emotional skills through turn taking, sharing, cooperating.


Award winning curriculum

Our curriculum has been researched and refined over 30 years. Meiyu's "Children Musical Stories Treasure Box" series was awarded the "Best Children's Program" by Taiwan's Ministry of Culture. Meiyu was voted the most trusted parent educational institution for children during the XinHua Education Forum, the largest of its kind in China. All public preschools in Beijing and Hainan use Meiyu as their core curriculum.


Learning beyond the classroom

With our app and storybooks, you can bring our music and stories home, so that your child's development can be enhanced beyond the class time.

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