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No. 1 Mandarin Music Program for Young Children in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

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Meiyu started in Taiwan. Over the last 37 years, we have put in a lot of resources into creating a methodology of teaching music to young children ages 0-8 years old. We specialize in early childhood music education, creating courses for children, trained hundreds of music teachers, early childhood teachers and trainers.

Since 2000, we have promoted our program to China, setting up headquarters in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, winning many accolades and compliments from experts, teachers and scholars. Currently we have surpassed 100 branches and training centres in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. We are Greater China’s most popular children’s music program.


The Meiyu program is in studios and preschools in 27 out of 34 provinces in China

The most popular children's music program in Taiwan and China is now here in Singapore!

Taiwan (

  • 26 music studios

  • 200+ preschools 

China (

  • 200+ music studios

  • 200+ private preschools

  • 12,000+ children in 100+ preschools for children of government officials (蓝天幼儿园 and 国务院幼儿园)

Hong Kong (

  • 20,000+ children in 200+ preschools

meiyu app.png

大歌 App


At the heart of our Joy Connections Meiyu program is an app that contains all our materials. Available for you in the comfort of your homes 24/7!

The app features all our original compositions of nursery rhymes, songs and a read aloud audio version of our story books.

The video content introduces topics related to travel, science, cooking, craft, and dancing!

Available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store

Children Music Class

Suitable for non native Mandarin speaking Children


Our teachers are specially trained to help non native speakers understand the lessons. Pictures, props, non-verbal cues, movement and the ocassional english explaination will help your child discover how easily Mandarin can be learnt!
Forget about rote learning, flashcards or memorisation! Our multi-approach involves their entire body, mind and senses to sing, dance, explore and play. Your child will be learning and absorbing a myriad of basic mandarin vocabulary in no time! 

Meiyu books.png

Enriching take home materials


Meiyu is more than a weekly Mandarin music class. You will bring the music and stories back home to continue the learning, growing to enjoy musical fun all week long with your child!


Our take home materials includes:

  • Award winning music, lyrics and rhymes

  • Music videos

  • Beautifully illustrated storybooks complete with a read aloud audio version on the app

  • Home enrichment videos that introduces topics of science, travel, craft, and cooking

Recreate the musically rich environment back home to stimulate and support your child’s musical and cognitive growth!

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