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Singapore's first Piano Class in Mandarin!

Singapore's first and only Mandarin piano program! Instructions, stories, games, listening activities are conducted in Mandarin, to allow your child to learn the piano, AND immerse in a Mandarin environment. 

Make the most of your child's time in music class, by allowing them to learn in Mandarin! Stretch their linguistic ability and discover how to use Mandarin in real life scenarios, rather than in a classroom setting! 

*Proper musical terms will be introduced in their original language to allow children to transit to ABRSM Graded piano syllabus easily*


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Meiyu piano teaching methodology

The world's first set of piano teaching method, based on the teaching and education concept of Dacroz's principles, enables children to analyze musical forms, play classical new music, across time and space.

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Right and left brain training

Training both right and left hands to play independently, eradicating the trouble of both hands being unable to coordinate while playing the piano.

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Develop good techniques

Effectively using various props to perfect the correct hand posture.

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